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Why Do an Entrepreneurial MBA Program in Europe?

We all know that the job market is more crowded than it used to be, and companies are asking for more than ever before both in terms of commitment and expertise. What does this mean in practical terms? Ask anyone thinking of doing one of the entrepreneurial MBA programs and they will tell you that you need a good all-round qualification that will also help you to develop once you leave the classroom. However the same prospective students will often tell you they would like to learn how to run a business which will be successful from the start. With an MBA in entrepreneurship, you will have the opportunity to profit from a network of talented individuals with a proven record of success and the will to succeed, while studying courses in finance, marketing and more. You will also have the chance to study for MBA in Entrepreneurship in Barcelona, Spain, one of the top business and cultural centres in Europe, and work with other students and staff who are as passionate as you are about business and education.

By completing one of the entrepreneurial MBA programs in Europe you can learn the skills you need to start your own business anywhere in the world or to take a leading role in helping an existing business to expand. You could even start a non-profit organisation using the skills you learn during your MBA in entrepreneurship in Spain at Global Business School Barcelona. You will benefit from teaching from successful entrepreneurs who will take you through all the stages of financing, setting up and developing a business – all excellent skills to have, and the chance to benefit from the experiences of others is not to be missed.

However, business today is not just about profit margins and bottom lines. The entrepreneurial MBA programs in Europe take a long-term, innovative approach to business, giving you the opportunity to specialise in key topical issues such as the environment and business ethics through courses like Global Environmental Science and Ethical Dimensions of International Business. An MBA in entrepreneurship combined with a respect for the planet we live in and those we work with in today’s global market is the perfect combination for those who wish to be pioneers and market leaders, making the world a better place to live in and contributing to social welfare.

In addition, an MBA in Entrepreneurship in Barcelona, Spain presents opportunities which are not available elsewhere. Conveniently located in northernSpain, Barcelona is within easy reach of many European countries, and is a popular destination worldwide. It is an industry, art and technology hotspot, but also offers a friendly atmosphere and relaxed lifestyle. With its own beach, monuments such as the Sagrada Familia by Gaudí, great nightlife and the chance to mix with people from all over the world, Barcelona is one of Europe’s truly cosmopolitan cities. In short, choosing to study one of the Entrepreneurial MBA programs is a great way to improve your business skills and develop a more sustainable, global view of commerce and of the world.


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Global Business School Barcelona is a management university in Barcelona, Spain that teaches business in English and is dedicated to preparing students for the careers of the global economy. Our degrees in the fields of Business, International Management, Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Operations Management prepare students to operate with ease across borders and cultures, in an environment that prizes diversity and the ability to bring a worldwide perspective to the study of international business.

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